Healthier Tips is the result of the Authors passion for Antioxidant rich foods that can lead to better health and longevity.  It is all based on the simple premise of healthy living by eating the right foods, in the right way and in the right amounts, without being a slave to the calorie counter. 

Hyperactive friendly foods

Here is a True story of a life of Hyper-activity that was more affected by the consumption of some foods as opposed to others.  When our third child was born in the early eighties, the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree and so began a lifelong search to try and focus on foods that were, well; Hyperactive and O.C.D friendly.  How ?? Through an Antioxidant rich healthy eating plan.

Sugar and Preservative free

Many years were spent after hours, following up on Dr Ben Feingolds lifelong work; which was devoted towards curing behavioural problems in children caused by preservatives, sugars and artificial sweeteners, (diet drinks) and especially food colourings.

By expanding Dr Feingolds theories and patching them in with the benefits of eating anti-oxidant rich foods, a great story unfolded.  The author has come to understand first hand what an amazing difference the correct diet can play in transforming ones health and well being by planning what the Family as a whole should eat, so as to benefit not just the afflicted child.

The amazing benefits of  “Lemon Water and Honey

All this will be explained in the upcoming eBook “Nibbling on the Mild side”.  The First “Healthier Tip”, is drinking a glass of cleansing healthy lemon water,( just a teaspoon or dessertspoon of lemon juice)at the start of the day prior to some healthy exercise !!  This simple tip will help to detoxify the free radical scavengers that build up overnight in the bodies organs and circulatory system.

This healthy cleansing has been proven, to help and promote internal health well into the senior years.  Add a teaspoon of Australian Jellybush or Manuka honey for its gentle Antibiotic curative effects on the tummy and to remove the citric acid tang.


Sorry, still tidying up the FREE eBook “Teenz Greenz”.  This is choc Full of eating tips and healthy Info for Teenagers who may be getting ready to forge out and learn to go it alone for a time, but who still rely on Mums cooking and her keeping the Tribe Healthy. 

Inside our Healthier TIPS site we have TABLES & CHARTS of Every Healthy Food, you will ever need to Eat and plenty more information that is All FREE

Indulge yourself, Enjoy and Bon Appetit!