Female health and fitness and department of health support links

Female health and fitness and Health Department links.

Female health and fitness can be affected by mood swings, anxiety and restless behaviour. This is where the department of health can be of great assistance.. They can help with Professional support groups and counselors.  We can help with support and advice on how to consume the correct foods that supply a natural and constant flow of blood sugar and healthy nutrition.

A correct diet is a start to a more quiet and controlled existence, especially when aided by the department of health breathing and relaxation techniques programme.

Eliminating alcohol and substance dependance is a first step in curtailing many of the ills of our modern society.  There are professional female health support programmes, that can quietly assist with the problems related to dependancy issues.

Please look at some of the enclosed links and PLEASE do not be afraid to CALL, as the life you are saving; may well be more than your own.  Sis, if you do call for assistance; it may turn out to be your most special day.  Love the helpers, waiting to help you.

It is wise to understand, that excess sugars have only one end result.  That is generally, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure related anxieties and illness that can really impact on female health.  Diabetes can be as destroying to your health, as alcohol dependency or drug dependency.

Start by eliminating junk foods and eat some salad, a couple of wholegrain crackers and at least 1 piece of fruit each day and include 2 to 3 glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon if possible.

Ole Mother nature has endowed us with every known vitamin and mineral in the shape of  natural produce and even phytonutrient based sugars that can be found in plants like Stevia.  Do it naturally and phase out the junk.


Female health and fitness support groups


For professional support or Medical assistance please see the contact details in the supplied links.


Healthdirect Australia helpline – external site


For support with health advice, call healthdirect on 1800 022 222 and speak to a registered nurse who can also connect you to the after hours GP helpline for further medical advice or to an emergency service if necessary.
Queensland callers should call 13HEALTH or 1343 2584.
Victoria callers should call Nurse-on-call on 1300 606 024.
If you think your situation is an emergency, you should always call 000.


NHSD – Find a health service


Download for:

  • Android – external site
  • iOS – external site
The National Health Services Directory helps you find location and opening hours for GPs, pharmacies, emergency departments and hospitals, when and where you need them.

healthdirect Australia

Services – external site

Provides links to health services for a range of specific diseases or health issues.

This Web MD app is equipped with a useful symptom checker where you can select the part of the body that is troubling you and when the appropriate symptom is chosen, learn about potential conditions or issues relating to that health problem.

This medically reviewed information is from an extensive database about the conditions relevant to you, including the symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatments and questions to ask your doctor.  The reader is able to research a medicine or treatment, how it works, why it is used, side effects, warnings and more.

The app also gives you a handy guide and first aid information for medical emergencies, ranging from abdominal pain in adults and children down to a wrist injury.  This part of information is built into the app and accessible even without an Internet connection.

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