The History of Healthier Tips is the history of the authors passion for basic healthy living and about eating the right foods in the right way in the right amounts without being a slave to the calorie counter.

Mike has a great story and has come to understand first hand what an amazing difference the correct diet can play in transforming your own wellness and how all of this starts at sun up prior to some healthy exercise, with a glass of lemon water !!

This simple tip will help to detoxify the free radical scavengers that build up overnight in the bodies organs and circulatory system. That healthy cleansing then helps to promote internal health, well into the senior years. *Note! Caution should be observed with consumption of any citrus juice, for the effect it can have on teeth enamel, for after all; it is acidic. Be sure to rinse with fresh water or brush with toothpaste, then rinse after consuming Lemon water.

By implementing commonly long held beliefs and ideas of distant cultures, Mikes wish is to help you to transform your body, mind and spirit to a place where you can share these amazing benefits. He breaks down complex ideas into simple information and practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routines, to give you better health and vitality by understanding the benefits that evolve from eating differing antioxidant rich food groups.

Ones that basically start with your Mums time worn phrase of “eat your vegies.” Here is Mikes story on the need for correct nutrition and why the old adage, “An apple a day will keep the Doctor away” still bears fruit, (pun excluded). Just follow the simple “Healthier Tips, 4 by 3 eating plan”.

The History

My young life was a frenetic world of impulsive and hyperactive behaviour, which seemed more confusing on some days more than others. No matter how hard my poor Mum tried, it seemed like I would always manage some way to find the optimum amount of mischief to indulge in. As I grew older, these crazy urges always seemed exacerbated by one of two constants. Sugar !!

I came to realise over time that the life of a hyperactive child would always be different to those kids that did not suffer chemical and hormonal imbalances and who were considered by “the grown ups” to be ‘normal’. What I did not realise then however, was that there was a very strong correlation between my hyperactivity and and the addictive behaviour that would go on to rule my adult life.

Not enough has been written, studied or put into print about the differences between Hyperglycaemia (diabetes) and the appearance of a deficiency of sugar in the blood which is known as Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). What became abundantly clear to me, as I lived thru this roller coaster into adulthood; was that my deficiency was the result of an overactive pancreas whipping up a bit of insulin here or there and tossing it into the mix and thereby creating the wildly fluctuating mood swings that initiated the so called irrational behaviour and socially unacceptable consequences that flowed on from it.

The Remedy

The remedy? It was so simple that it defied proper logic !! Remove the all too common additive rich and sugar laden or fatty foods and replace them with 5 or 6 mid portion servings of Antioxidant rich foods. Foods such as salads, fruit and vegies, lean meats such as chicken, lamb, pork or beef or fillers such as sardines, beans, asparagus, avocado, eggs three times a week, wholegrain biscuits and sensible portions of dairy products.

The carbohydrates were then able to break down over a sustained period thru the day to keep the bodies blood sugar levels stable. That was it ! It seemed too simple, but the correct foods were the answer that helped eliminate the need for so many amphetamine based medications and their damaging side effects, that are now given to so many kids.

Food is the oldest Medicine

It was only later when I made it safely thru to my mid twenties, that I became intent on understanding how I could control my mood swings and behaviour by consuming the correct foods that would supply a natural and constant flow of blood sugar. A supply gained by the breaking down of the carbohydrates in the antioxidant rich foods that I regularly ate and which in turn were converted to natural sugars.

It was basically a process of stroking the bodies metabolism, thus helping to cure many of the ills of this modern day society. Mother Nature has endowed us with every known vitamin and mineral and even phytonutrient based sugars that can be found in plants like Stevia, if a quicker blood sugar rush is required!!

So a paper bag full of white or brown sugar added to our families food, or teaspoons of it ladled into teas, coffees, cereals or desserts can have only one consequence. That is the breaking down of our own or our childrens and families health. There is no saving grace for the addition of extra sugars, salts, artificial fats and chemically produced vitamin supplements, that can not be gained from what is so blindingly obvious !!

Mother Natures Larder

Naturesfresh” Produce !! That which has evolved from the soils of our planet, from our oceans and our rivers or our clear mountain streams. Clean natural foodstuffs, whether from the red wines of Bordeaux or the vitamin rich fresh New Zealand parmesan cheese. Or the sweet salmon fillets from the wilds of Alaska, perhaps plump zinc rich rock oysters from the pristine beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness. It may be just as simple as the clean sweet oxygen in the crisp icy breaths high on a mountain ridge in Falls Creek Victoria. Or perhaps in the unspoiled Amazon rainforest, home to the native Brazil nut that provides five times the amount of the DNA building block Selenium, than the next best; that wild Alaskan salmon..

Rarely should it come from overly processed foods, or out of a greasy bag from a convenient drive thru or from a plastic capsule or pill.

“Everything in moderation, except moderation itself”

Sickness from Adulterated Foods

The second constant referred to above ?? That was a series of poisons that evolved and accelerated from the Fifties, that the esteemed American Pediatrician Doctor Ben Feingold was to discover and label !! These were to be proven to go on to be some of the leading causes of the breakdown of the mental well being and health of the youth of our society causing some, thru those times to even be institutionalised !!

This was to all come about from what was being introduced into the Western diet and which eventually evolved to be our biggest pollutants. The culprits? Food and Drug companies churning out preservatives and food colourings, especially reds and yellows. Along with the single most damaging of all, as discussed !! Sugars!!

These three poisonous Irritants were found and proven by Dr Feingolds groundbreaking studies, to be the three of the four leading causal effects that were linked to so many types of behavioural disorders amongst the young. Effects that were directly proportionate to the growth of the fast food industry and the evolving packaged and so called health and vitamin Industry.

The Feingold Foundation ( ) is an esteemed Organisation dedicated to carrying on and spreading the work and words of this wonderful human being.

Pharmaceutical Poisons

The Fourth poison that Dr Feingold identified so long ago, that created physical dependency, were the Psuedo-Ephedrine based prescriptions (such as Ritalin) which he railed against relentlessly because of the damage they were doing to young frail patients. Both mentally and Physically. These days, our Police are busting home made labs on nearly a daily basis, which use that very same childrens medication; to make “Speed and the highly addictive Ice”

I urge you, that if you are even thinking about it; use the link above to convince yourself, that your child can eat their way out of their hyperactivity disorder. Eating antioxidant rich carbohydrates and whole grains and natural foods that will supply adequate blood sugar. Your childs Hyperactivity is a small price to pay, when the alternative is setting them up to be a Drug Dependant human being; with far worse emotional baggage than what they had as a child. Correct their diet with Antioxidant rich produce and fresh fruit and nuts and flush the poisonous drugs down the pipeline where they belong.

A new way to better health

If after having a browse thru this site, you feel that you might like to delve deeper into the healthy benefits that can be derived from understanding, that what goes into our mouths helps to create the friend or foe we see in the mirror; then please follow the link to register for the Free download or purchase the 10 week course at a modest $AU 3.90 per week and try out a new way to better health.

Many people can be at a surgery or hospital waiting ward from food allergies or food related disorders. Perhaps you may know of, or have loved ones who may be afflicted with behavioural problems that can severely affect or disrupt family life??

I DID.. My youngest was affected by a harsh ADHD related disorder and that is how I found Dr Feingolds work and kept researching from there. If the chance for you to eat your way to a better place works out and it helps the mind, body and spirit to be free; for just $AU 9.50, then the Ebook “Nibbling on the Mild side” (Mid 2018) hopefully will be money well spent. If you choose not download the full Ebook or 10 week Family Diet and Exercise Plan, then there are still some fine facts to be read for free. So good luck, good health and Bon Appertit.

I look forward to hearing from you.