Kids health and exercise plan

The Kids health and exercise plan is designed around the simple premise of improving insulin sensitivity and aerobic fitness or maximum volume oxygen capacity (VO2 max) of your childrens body and mind.

Whilst this may sound quite complex, in essence it is very simple. The kids health and exercise plan, put in its most basic form simply means increasing cardiovascular health by short bursts of extreme energy.

This is done three or four times over a 10 to 15 minute time frame, over four separate days. The other three days are the minimalist eating days.

The buzzword doing the rounds these days is “Intermittent Fasting,” but as previously explained; our Healthy fast and feast plan, evolves from this Nations earliest inhabitants, the original Hunter Gatherers of this great nation.

So the extreme energy bursts, are done 4 days a week and then are complimented by ample fresh water and fresh fruit; to fuel the daytime activities. Then in the minimalist eating phase, the emphasis includes trying to avoid any reasons for sitting down for any extended periods of time thru the other 3 days, except for when study and schoolwork beckon. It is the sitting down, that kills us human beings prematurely.

Are we losing our hunter gatherer instincts ?

As man evolved from the hunter gatherer to a more socialised and sedentary lifestyle, life up until midway thru last century involved hard work and constant physical activity.

The advent of socialist regimes with more and more government departments, where bureaucracy piles upon bureaucracy and where hard work and exercise diminishes accordingly; the unhealthy lifestyle of the sitting worker, has insidiously crept upon us.

These desk jobs and even all day sitting in school, have become one of the more dangerous aspects of our life and more people are dying by doing nothing other than “sitting on their bums.” The advent of the computer age has further exacerbated this inactivity, especially amongst the young.

When there is no exercise to increase the metabolic rate, the storing of fats and insulin within the body and muscles goes on unabated. It can be reversed however simply by changing some daily habits.

Instead of sitting on the train on the way to school and reading a magazine or an e-reader, perhaps try standing and moving muscles, stretching legs and gently arching the back. Even just the action of holding on to the support rail and balancing in the swaying train, helps to increase the metabolic rate and burn calories.

Taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking one or two blocks to the next bus stop!! Cycling or walking to school and getting up and moving around from your desk every 30 to 45 minutes can burn up to 500 calories a day.

Any low impact exercise is still calorie burning and is easier and more gentle on the Bod, such as our exercise plan or doing some leisurely to brisk walking.

Mum, Dad and the 4 by 3 exercise plan for Kids

The importance of the 4 by 3 food and exercise plan is that it is easy. Especially now in our computerised world where many children sit for hours at a time with no exercise at all !! This is now more relevant than ever.

It is becoming evident that many behavioural conditions can be modified and even controlled by a correct and healthy diet, with adequate exercise that has been implanted early in life. This still all comes down to Mum and Dad being aware on behalf of their children.

Just as the home environment is where a child’s dietary habits start, it is also where the blueprint for adequate fitness and healthy activities throughout the day and indeed the week and the rest of a child’s life is implanted.

Just as an elite athletes body performs by muscle memory, so too the brain’s memory of those early active sporting years; stays deep within the mind forever. So parents it is up to you to support your childs exercise and playtime, away from the TV or game console and help teach them the benefit of how exercise and activity, equates to how long one might live.

Replace junk food kids with Sports mad kids

It is not too late for children who may have got off to a bad start with a bad diet and who could be considered to be overweight, to easily reverse the situation. In fact it is very easy and almost too laid-back, to incorporate this low impact and easy to do 4 by 3 exercise plan!!

It does not entail gut busting long hours of pounding the pavement. Here we will go into a short explanation of how easy these exercises are, but just a little hint; they are intense for a short period of time. But stick at it and the results are guaranteed.

The most obvious point to start, is to analyse correct dietary procedures and eating habits. A selection of the correct foods have already been covered in the Healthier tips section of this site. So let’s get down to it.

Have a medical checkup with the family GP before embarking on the 4 by 3 food and exercise plan

First, cutting out junk foods is essential and important for sustaining stable blood sugar levels in a young fast growing body, so that the metabolism supports peak Neuro-muscular activity; whilst performing exercises and hand eye co-ordination sports and tasks.

Secondly, discuss this exercise plan with your family doctor and have your child’s weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked and recorded.

The Exercise is the Simple part

The Full 4 by 3 food and exercise plan with meal tables and Exercises are in the Paid Version

If you would prefer to try the Free explanatory download then simply (Site under renovation June 2020) Click Here

CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic start to a life of “Healthier Tips.”

Dissect the improvements that this simple exercise and dietary plan achieves and discuss the results with your family doctor. Now compare your childs weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels after 10 weeks and be prepared for a pleasant surprise and a proud child to hug and congratulate. Happy Hugs make Happy Kids. 😉