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Contact Healthier Tips who are based in Queensland, Australia

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the current Corona-Virus world crisis and the world best “Rely-On” Antiseptic treatment, then please contact us.

We will soon be in a position to market our Very Cost Effective “10 week Family health and Exercise plan”after this Covid-19 worldwide problem has abated!! Until then take care? if you have any Corona-Virus Antiseptic queries..

We are still a Free Service

The Site started out as a Free service to Mums and Dads who wish to promote their childrens Health. We still intend to continue to do so, with our free Explanatory Download, with links to our Free website without annoying Pop Ups and Advertising after this Covid-19 worldwide problem has abated!!

Without paid sponsors or advertisers, we do have to account for overheads and Administrative costs !! Hence our paid subscription, to the 10 week Exercise and Antioxidant Family Eating Plan.

We are working on a donations policy and hope to have it online in the near future, if you wish to help displaced children in need.

Take care and enjoy. Mike (c)