A healthy 4by3 eating and weight loss plan

Healthy 4by3 eating and intermittent fasting plan

The healthy 4by3 eating and weight loss plan is a simple routine of basic fasting then eating, that has been happening from the dawn of our first indigenous inhabitants. Over 60 thousand years of evolutionary ideals, habits, practices and “Dreamtime Beliefs” and traditions, that have been handed down throughout time by our original settlers.

These principles are rooted in the lifestyle of the hunter, from the dawn of the Australian Aboriginal; in this great land we all share. Dating back to when Uluru was the home of the Serpent monster and Van Diemans land was still part of the Terra Australis Continent. We can all learn from the originals owners, “fast then feast” existence.

The Original Health Fast

We as inhabitants of the modern Australian human race received our first lessons over 2 centuries ago from a teaching manual that was perpetually handed down from elder to elder. One that evolved from the hunter gatherer of over 500 to 600 Centuries on this great Continent we all call “home”.

Our healthy 4by3 eating plan copies basically, those traits of fasting until the next kill. The fasting was supplemented with the fruits, nuts, yams, flowers, barks and berries that were gathered to sustain the tribes thru those lean times. Times of primitive life spent among the Billabongs of the Great Artesian Basin and its natural springs.

We start our hunt, with a 3 day minimalistic fasting period; with one partial food day in the middle. That’s where we seek our nuts and berries while fasting midweek and then we can basically eat or feast on what pleases us; for the other 4 days, inclusive of the weekend period.

By following that ancient pattern of health and survival, this plan will deliver a gradual weight loss and improved health results. Results that will translate to quite an amazing array of healthy benefits, which in turn can lead to a more stable blood pressure and calming of the body, mind and spirit.

Lemon water and green and black teas make for a daily health start

Our healthy daily starter of Lemon water is followed by some laid back exercises before the start of the days work and then follows unlimited daily consumption of unsweetened green and black teas (within reason of course) and most importantly with adequate fresh water.

The Good news is that brewed fresh Coffee is also a powerful Antioxidant and so a suitable amount of coffee hits from your favourite Barista, make our “Healthier Tips” ‘4 by 3 Fasting to Feast’ antioxidant based Health and Fitness plan, a winner for grinners!! Here you can read about the following:

  • Starting the day with cleansing Lemon water, cups of black and/or green tea and 3 very small food portions for the day. This may consist of a few cherry tomatoes and brown rice, baby spinach with shaved parmesan cheese or chopped nuts and a few small citrus wedges to aid fasting. This is done on two separate days and specifically included into the fast, to assist in stabilising daily blood sugar levels; as a sensible medical precaution.
  • The healthy 4by3 eating regime separates those two fast days with an antioxidant infused cleansing day of red berries, juices, steamed vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, with a 100 gram portion of fish, lean meat or chicken. You can also dabble with some dark chocolate, raw honey with greek yoghurt, certain cheeses, olives and sundried tomatoes. Also garden fresh salad, tossed in virgin olive oil with Modena balsamic vinegar and perhaps a glass of red wine.
  • Then how you can “Eat what you Like” on the other 4 days with a sensible daily alcohol intake, while steadily losing as much weight as you want. Weight that it will stay off.. How?? With our Healthy Plan using fresh healthy greens and herbs from your own organic garden, coupled with spices and antioxidant rich delicious foods.
  • Here we will show you how four short 45 second bursts of extreme effort cardio exercise after a 30 minute leisurely warm up walk with your buddies 4 times a week, will have the Kilos falling off “for good”.
  • How by halving your alcohol and fried foods and increasing healthy herbs and salads, can keep you off damaging medications for life.
  • How you can save enough for a holiday, by eliminating needless vitamin supplements; with healthy organic produce from your own backyard.
  • Learn how to turn your backyard into a Supermarket Produce section.
  • By learning the benefits of Antioxidant rich foods, how you can change your health forever and live a longer healthier life.
  • Learn why Resveratrol, Quercetin, Kukokamines and Lycopene are much more than just funny sounding names and how they may assist your arthritis, gout, bone health, liver and blood pressure problems.
  • Find out how the Japanese Giant Knotwood plant might help your heart health by decreasing Cholesterol, thus avoiding the use of Statins that are preferred or promoted by some Pharmaceutical companies.

Heart Health (medication) and your DOCTOR

**Discuss our eating plan with your GP and undergo a full and thorough medical with all necessary Heart and blood tests. Have your weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and B.M.I recorded and do not change any medications without your Doctors approval.

Only then start this “Healthy Lifestyle Plan.” Do this for your own personal well being and so that you can see in the results, how this safe and amazing health plan can be so right for you.