The 4 by 3 diet and family health plan and exercise tips

This 4 by 3 Diet and family health plan is a result of 35 years of research and consumption of Antioxidant rich foods, by the Author. It is hoped to support the reduction, of Obesity and illness in our younger generations. It is certainly not too late for any person to improve their eating habits, but nurturing the young is paramount.

The importance of a healthy diet, starting early in life; can not be stressed enough. Many behavioural conditions can be controlled by a healthy diet implanted early in life. Implanted with support by healthy role models. Mum and Dad !!

The home environment is where a child’s dietary habits start and where the lunchbox becomes the blueprint for the rest of a child’s life. As adults, a large proportion of us can most likely admit to excess weight or poor eating habits. It may well be, that it was here; that you as that child, had your food and diet memory implanted.


The 4 by 3 diet and family health plan

The “4 by 3 Diet” is one that any family could adapt to, in order to reach certain weight goals. Once a healthy and comfortable weight is achieved , it is merely as easy as maintaining the healthy ingredients and habits that got you there. That fine tuning is done very simply with, wait for it !!

With just 400 seconds of exercise each week.

I know it sounds ridiculously simple and that there has to be some Catch ?? No way.

It is that simple.. It just requires:

  • Committment for 10 weeks.
  • Drinking a cleansing glass of lemon water every morning.
  • Not skipping the minimalist 2 Fast days each week.
  • A simple visit to the family GP for a medical and blood pressure and weight records.
  • Then commit to 4 bursts of extra cardio workout, that lasts all of 20 seconds each burst; on certain days.

That’s it and your new life, is just about to start !!