Planning meals with happy healthy kids

Planning meals and involving the kids has been proven by nutritional scientists, that when you take the time to talk with and involve your meals plans with the kids in advance; they are involved in the contract and more likely to consume what they helped cook.

 It is also an effective way to keep your family in top shape, by choosing better and better ingredients, with every ones support.  The right meal ingredients and healthy snack or dessert options chosen early on, simplifies shopping trips and frees up more family time.

 It also helps to ensure; that you are not buying junk on the run, but instead carefully chosen ingredients agreeable to the family as a whole.  Plenty of greens, coloured fruit and vegies, wholegrain breads and biscuits and plenty of fruit and nut snacks.

 Little surprises, like campfire cooking; making a damper and camping out on the back lawn in the tent, adds a surprise dimension to introducing new edible ingredients and new ways to serve up a meal.

 It is also a great way to make sure that camping holiday, goes off without a hitch; by having a dry run for a week or more in the backyard.

 Happy Kidz camping and cooking.